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About Us

Built by Badgers, for Badgers, to provide critical support for our favorite teams

Leading With Purpose

Our mission is to provide the valuable NIL earning opportunities required for the Badgers to continue competing for championships—while surrounding student-athletes with support that allows them to maximize their success now and long after hanging up their uniform.

We’re here to facilitate the support that student-athletes deserve, and to do so with a playbook that’s uniquely Wisconsin.

Empowering The Entire Roster

What sets The Varsity Collective apart is its commitment to fostering success for all Wisconsin student-athletes—regardless of gender or sport.

What is Name, Image and Likeness (NIL)?

Badger student-athletes now have control over their own personal brands. This allows them to benefit financially from deals and partnerships with fans, businesses and other organizations.

What NIL is

What NIL is not​

A Collective That Lives and Breathes Wisconsin

When student-athletes earned control of their own Name, Image and Likeness (NIL) beginning in 2021, a group of Wisconsin alumni envisioned a winning game plan. We launched The Varsity Collective, a bold effort to maximize the Badgers’ success in this new era of college sports. By providing valuable NIL support for the Badgers, we’re able to help attract and retain champion-caliber talent at UW, while empowering student-athletes with opportunities that make positive impacts that stretch deep into our communities.
Valuable NIL earning opportunities and impactful educational programming are at our core, but with everything a school like Wisconsin has to offer, we’re not limited in the ways we can help student-athletes maximize their NIL success.

We have aligned our efforts with UW Athletics’ holistic mission and have built partnerships with influential alumni and some of the biggest names in the Badgers’ record books. Together, we are able to ignite the passion of the Wisconsin fan base to provide ever-growing opportunities today and tomorrow.

Doing so requires the support of other passionate Badgers like you. Join us and get ready to Jump Around.


Rob Master

Position: Executive Chair

UW Class of: 1993

Board Members

Paul Wrycha

UW Class of: 1988

Rob Master

UW Class of: 1993

Position: Executive Chair

Ted Kellner

UW Class of: 1969

Fred Goetzke

UW Class of: 1992

Advisory Council

Brooks Bollinger

UW Class of: 2003

Todd Deutsch

UW Class of: 1994

Kenny Dichter

UW Class of: 1990

Peter Feigin

UW Class of: 1992

Megan Jerabek

UW Class of: 2003

Kim Kelleher

UW Class of: 1993

Jason Lublin

UW Class of: 1993

Jeff Mack

UW Class of: 2003

Smita Reddy

UW Class of: 2002

Roger Mansukhani

UW Class of: 1989

Craig Ross

UW Class of: 1995

Mark Rothwell

UW Class of: 1990